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Enhancing or upgrading your current system?

Contracted Hourly Consultant or Direct Hire: Whether you are working with Oracle, SAP, Infor, Salesforce, Workday, Viva, or other enterprise system, you know it takes technical and functional epxertise to get the job done. Your in-house resources may have limited time. Deadlines require additional staff or expertise. Our practice is built on the ability to supplement your team. We provide you access to talent with focused enterprise software expertise.

ERP Contracts

When it comes to ERP contract or direct hire staffing, your search ends here. Sierra ITS specializes in providing comprehensive ERP contract and direct hire staffing tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're planning a new ERP implementation, need experienced consultants for your project, or are exploring direct hire options for your ERP team, we've got you covered.

Our seasoned recruiting team is well-versed in various ERP platforms, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Salesforce, and NetSuite, ensuring we deliver customized solutions to your unique business requirements.

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ERP Contract Consultants

Migrations & Upgrades

Our extensive ERP services encompass everything from system integration and module implementation to business process optimization and change management. We take great pride in delivering high-quality staffing services that maximize the value of your ERP investment.

Recognizing the diversity of industries and businesses, the access of talent we provide possess industry-specific expertise to ensure that your ERP system seamlessly aligns with your operational demands. With a proven track record of success and a focus on cost-effective solutions, we stand as the ideal partner for ERP initiatives.

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ERP Business Process

Talent Gaps

Talent gaps in ERP projects can present significant challenges to organizations striving for successful implementations. ERP systems' complexity and evolving nature require a specialized skill set that is not always readily available within a company's existing workforce. These gaps may encompass expertise in specific ERP software, project management, business process optimization, or change management.

Recognizing and addressing these talent gaps is critical to ensuring the seamless execution of ERP projects. Organizations often turn to external consultants and staffing services to bridge these gaps by providing the specialized knowledge and skills necessary for a smooth ERP implementation, ultimately safeguarding the project's success and long-term benefits.

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ERP Talent Gaps

Whether you need contract consultants for a specific project or are interested in building a permanent team, we have the right talent to assist you.

When you need exceptional, not average.

Choose Sierra ITS.

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